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Meet our new brand - Salty!

Meet "Salty" - a new collection that features bold, on-trend designs, lighthearted and often “Salty” content. Keychains, tea towels, coasters & more.

Winter/Spring CAtalogs

2024 catalogs are here! Shop new releases for 2024, best sellers and save big with promos.

Pop Life!

A collection full of classic pop culture artwork, cocktails and satire. Shop Cocktail Recipe Books, Tear & Shares, Greeting Cards and more.

Papersalt books

Right where we started! Check out our collection of award-winning inspirational and educational books for kids, teens and families.


Our new line of customizable stickers and coaster sets to inspire shopping local. Pick a design, customized it if you want, choose as a sticker or coaster set...or both!

"The office" Merch

Based on the NBC's hit sitcom, this top-selling collection features quote books, stickers, magnets, fan kits & more. Shop today!