What People are Saying About Papersalt

"Got the books today!!! OMG how awesome, I am soooooo impressed, Being a Boy & Being a Girl are so amazing, every child should have one of these books to live by, I think it would really help EVERY parent because the words come from a book instead of always coming from their parents!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I will be refering all my friends!"

Lindsay (Isanti, MN)

"Papersalt is a fantastic company with great books for families and children. Each book serves a purpose and is beautiful crafted with lots of vital information."

Ashleigh (Albion, NY)

"What a great site for parents to be and parents of all kind."

Brandi (Ridgecrest, CA)

"i just got the book i ordered for my son. i was really surprised that ya'll shipped it SO fast!!! i ordered the "being a boy" one. everything in it are things that i want to instill in him. i LOVE this book!!! thank ya'll soooo much!!!"

Miranda (Dayton, TX)

“One of my favorite quotes from a new book I got

" We do forgiveness. We let go. We start over. We practice compassion." 

The book is from Papersalt if you want to order one! The book is called "We Do." Things a family stands for!”

Kelli (Royse City, TX)

“Received my awesome books yesterday and they are soooooo awesome... Love them!! Such a great idea you guys came up with! Thanks again.”

Nicole (Laguna Niguel, CA)

“The Driving Do's & Dont's is fabulous ( teen taking driving test next week) and my kids are already trying to earn coupons!:)”

Suzan Pazara (Macaroni Kid National)

“We absolutely love the book we got! Great quality, beautiful product, super-fast shipping. You guys are amazing, and we have already started recommending you to family and friends! : )”


“Papersalt products are not only unique, but a truly thoughtful idea.”

Macaroni Kid (Snoqualmie, WA)

“There are even somethings in here I totally forgot! This is the best book I ever owned as I will pass it down to my daughter to pass it down to hers one day. She is a girl turning into a woman one of these days... Awesome product and great reading. Thanks Papersalt for creating this book! Now can you do one for boys?”


“Thank you so much for making Being a Boy book...The advise was great and yes it is something I am passing down to my son and hopefully he passes it down to his son one day. Right now he is only 9 so that's a long way away. It is as good as my other book Being a Girl. OMG the advise in this book is just as great as the other! These are the best books and they didn't forget a thing for either sex! Thank you so very much! I LOVE IT!!”


“I got Being a Girl'. I read it to my daughters yesterday...my 5 year old wanted to read it herself again later....then again today...3 times”

Tiffany (Goldthwaite, TX)

“I got "We Do", I read it to the kids right away and we are going to be using it as an awesome tool for our family from now on!!!”

Lindsay (Big Lake, MN)

“I ordered mine today =) can't wait to recieve it!!! I got the boy book for my son, I looked through the sample pages when I was deciding which one to get, and where it said "tell your mom you love her, everyday.", that sealed it for me on which one to get. =)”


“I'm really happy you advertised on FB cause that's where I heard about the promo :) I got it last week and plan on blogging about it!”